Serena Dimensions z/OS

Bringing the Power of Dimensions to the Mainframe

Serena Dimensions, the industry's most powerful change and configuration management solution, helps organizations implement IT governance initiatives, improve productivity, speed time to market, and reduce costs by managing and protecting development and business applications across their lifecycles. Dimensions for z/OS extends that power to the mainframe, delivering a consistent user experience across distributed and mainframe platforms.

Dimensions is the only solution that offers a single repository and consistent user experience across all platforms. With its mainframe component, Dimensions manages and coordinates assets and change activities across both mainframe and distributed environments from a single repository, allowing you to automate change management across the entire enterprise from a single point of control.

Key Features

  • Standard Dimensions listener
  • Integrated build facility
  • Native, extensible ISPF client
  • Standard Dimensions command line
  • Dimensions Toolkit API
  • Support for user files stored in the UNIX System Services (USS) hierarchical file
  • System (HFS) as well as native z/OS files, such as PDS or QSAM files
  • Item libraries to store items from any platform